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Prism testing and fibre certification

prismen2prismenWe offer the possibility to test the screed prisms produced at the construction site for bending and compressive strength. The tests are conducted by an independent concrete testing lab.




Prepare the prisms as follows:

  • The prisms need to be well densified at the construction site.
  • When filled with screed the prism container schould weigh approx. 1800 g.
  • Immediately close the prism container at the container at the construction site with the lid and seal against air with tape.
  • Allow the prism container to rest at the construction site for 1 day.
  • Label the prism container with date, screed grade and construction project name.
  • Send the container to us after 5 days.

We also provide certifications of the use of Crak Blocker glass fibres. We will need several fist-sized fractions of the screed. The glass fibres can be detected using a stereo microscope. You will receive the corresponding fotos and a confirmation.


Art.noTypePackaging unit / service€ Price / net
Compression test by independent labcompression of 3 prisms
(3 per Container)
€ 155,00 / container
6008Styrofoam prism container1 Container for 3 prisms€ 5,25 / container
Fibre certification by Stereo microscopeexamination of the screed fraction€ 25,00 / certification

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