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Super plastifier AP 20



Screed super plastifier AP 20

additive for high quality cement screed and screed compounds (cement and anhydrite binders). Well suited for heating screed and for processing in screed mortar conveyor systems.

  • Suitability: CA and CT screeds and therefore for heating screed systems
  • Techn. Data: based on aqueous surfactant solution, chloride-free, colour: black/brown, density: 1,13 g/cm³
  • Processing: 1 mixture per screed pump for 50 kg cement, measuring cup = 75 g AP 20 into the first mixing water. Sufficient water is added to ensure a plastic, easy to process mortar material is created. 25 Kg for approx. 1660 m² screed.
  • AP 20 facilitates preparing an easy to process screed mortar at a low water/cement coefficient. Adding detrimental amounts of excess water must be avoided also when using AP 20. Adding AP 20 generally inhibits water pooling (bleeding) on the screed surface. An increased dosage may be required when cement exhibits pronounced bleeding. Sticky / fresh mortar indicates an over – dosage- AP 20 concentration must be reduced.
  • Processing temperature: + 5°C to + 30°C
  • Storage: 24 month when stored above freezing in sealed container, consume opened containers immediately


Art.noTypePackaging unit€ Price / kg
6009AP 20 Super plastifier1 canister = 25 kg

€ 3,54 / kg

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