Aluminium toothed blade scraper

Glassfibres, Tools for Working with Levelling Compound

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  • Aluminium toothed blade scraper

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  • Crak Blocker glass fibres & glass fibre mat for plasters and levelling compounds

    Crak Blocker glass fibres:

    For the reinforcement of plasters levelling compounds
    Length 6 mm (Price on request)

    Glass fibre mat:

    100 g / m² (Price on request)
    For the reinforcement of porous and damaged surfaces.


  • Spiked roller, Loop roller & spreader roller

    € 2,00€ 43,00

    Several versions and accessories ( handles and telescope rod)

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  • Spiked shoes `Fakir´

    € 27,99

    Height of cleats: approx. 4 cm
    With 2 buckles to fix the screed shoes over the regular working shoes.


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