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  • Expansion joint CB T-joint

    € 212,00€ 657,72

    Expansion Joint CB T-joint /acoustic insulation in compliance with DIN 18560 – 2

    The expansion joint allows the screed to move in horizontal and vertical directions. Because of thermic changes, e.g. by heating system the screed can expand and contract. With the CB T-joint inherent stresses and resulting cracks can be avoided. This vertical control joint reduces noise by approx. 40 % compared to a dummy joint and fulfills the required level of stop noise according to DIN 4109.

    The notching pliers allows to cut accurate recesses for the heating pipes.

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  • Joint profile CB T-Joint SL 100

    € 232,80€ 339,12

    The joint made of rigid foam is very straight and dimensionally stable. It’s easy to cut with a carpet knife.

    The strong adhesive tape on the bottom of the joint self-adhesive prevent the joint from floating.


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  • Measuring markers for dampness measurement self adhesive

    CM measuring point (fig. white):
    CB levelling pin ( fig. orange):

    CM markers to mark the spots for dampness measurement by CM device.

  • Perimeter insulation strip CB Flowstop

    € 276,00

    Replacement strip / perimeter edge strip:
    for enclosing coatings of all kinds

    – When the insulation strip is already cut off this flanking band can minimize the danger of sound bridges and cracks.
    – 8 mm x 25 mm
    – Self-adhesive with strong tape on the backside

    price per roll = 200 m

    Quantity discount: 3 rolls = € 1,17 / m, 5 rolls = € 1,05 / m, 10 rolls = € 0,91 / m


    • € 1,38 / m. Discount is displayed in cart!

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  • Permimeter insulation strip CB Flowstop paste with tongue, spacing strip for coatings

    € 223,50

    CB Flowstop edge insulation strip with tongue:
    With its sealing tongue it prevents the compound from seeping behind the edge area.

    – Height: 50 mm, tongue 14 mm, thickness: 8 mm
    – price per roll = 150 lm
    – Quantity discount: from 4 rolls = € 1,27 / lm, from 8 rolls = € 1,05 / lm, from 16 rolls = € 0,96 / lm


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  • Screed dowel against height offset

    € 106,50€ 177,50

    Screed plugs according to DIN 18560-2.
    Can prevent height offset and reduce dishing in the vicinity of the joint.

    Plastic slide envelopes on both sides that can absorb the horizontal movement of the screed.
    To work against an uncontrolled crack formation in the joint area.
    Suitable for all screeds, heated screeds on insulation layers and concrete floors.

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  • Screed tripod & levelling pin for measuring the height of screed

    € 102,00€ 283,00

    Screed tripod:
     Levelling trestle for measuring the height of floating screed.

    CB Levelling Pin:
    For height measurement and dampness measurement by CM device.
    1 cm scaling


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  • Smoothing board

    € 29,00€ 37,00

    For installing cement screed.
    Aluminium with a 4 mm thick sole to last even longer.
    Height: 80 mm, width: 18 mm with phosphorescent spirit level.

    Length of 2 m transport with forward company, minimum purchase 3 pcs.
    Length 2,50 m only on request

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  • Stop ends / Edging Strip PVC

    € 11,50€ 106,48

    Stop end to enclose and stop the screed:

    Robust formwork to screed up against at staircases and stair holes, shower trays, supply slots and other open compontents.
    Easy to cut with our  PVC scissors .   By selective cutting the formwork bends to the desired position, it is also possible to create curves.

    – 70 x 50 mm length 1 m, or 80 X 60 mm length 1,80 m

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  • Stop Ends SL 40 +80

    € 49,28€ 222,50

    To enclose and stop the screed.

    Perfect stop end for staircases and stair holes, shower trays, supply slots and so on.
    Material: special foam recycled- water-repellent and moisture resistant.
    Formstable and very straight- easy to cut with a carpet knife.
    No more heavy carrying at the construction side thanks to its low dead weight.

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